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Herminaldo "Jhun" Merino
Life Changing President, RCLH

When you are inspired by a truly great purpose, you transcend limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and dormant talents come alive. That’s the level of excitement I’m in right now coming into this Presidency.

Not too many people are given this rare opportunity of being a Rotary member, more so as the President of His or Her Club. Rotary is not for everybody, it is only for those who has a heart and passion to serve others to make a difference. So, Rotary is not just about joining an organization, it is more of a Calling. And each and every one of us is very fortunate to be a member of the world’s most prominent service organization.

When you’re in Rotary, you have a wonderful opportunity and at the same time in a perfect position to serve humanity, but more importantly, Rotary will help us achieve our life’s purpose, which is to use Our God given talent and resources to help others. At this point in my Rotary life,

I am about to move ahead and turn to the next challenging stage. And that is to lead my Rotary Club as its 33rd President, the great RC Loyola Heights. A club renowned for its countless achievements, a Club which is always at the forefront of providing significant service projects, a Club known for its generosity in sharing their blessings to the Rotary Foundation and a Club being considered as a breeding ground for future District leaders. These are the ultimate reasons why I need to do my very best to fulfil all the duties and responsibilities of my position. And the Lord Almighty will not bring me in this situation if I don’t have the capabilities.

Congratulations to my predecessor, Transforming President Richard Maglaya for another most outstanding year thus continuing the rich RC Loyola Heights tradition of excellence. Thank you for setting the stage and momentum for the Life Changing year.

Therefore, I welcome the challenge to lead a great club and make the most out of it, I will continue to enhance the good name of the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights by helping people improve their lives and reach their potentials. And in keeping with the RI Theme “Serve to Change Lives”, I will do my share!!